5 Ways to Leverage Microsoft Teams for Your Business

Technology, as we know it, rapidly evolves with each passing day. For the longest time, it has made communication faster and more convenient for everyone, regardless of distance. The same idea applies in the workplace, where more and more businesses are adapting a remote work set-up.  

Many businesses utilize a variety of online communication platforms to share information from one person to another in seamless fashion. These include Skype, Zoom, and Google Hangouts, just to name of a few. Microsoft Teams, in particular, continues to make waves in realm of telecommunications. 

Unlike the other platforms mentioned earlier, Microsoft Teams carries more features and functionality to make it a viable choice amongst business owners around the world. However, that’s another story. 

In the meantime, you learn how to utilize Microsoft Teams to its fullest extent. That way, you can do business smoother and more efficiently. Just download the application, and you will be set! 

1. Schedule Calls in One Place 

Microsoft Teams has its fair share of unique features not found in other online communication platforms. One of these is a built-in calendar, where you can schedule online meetings anytime. No need to use a separate planner or application to book calls. Microsoft Teams automatically notifies you when your next meeting or presentation is about to start. Neat, right? It’s fast and easy.  

2. Create a Meeting Agenda 

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. The same idea applies to meetings, where creating an agenda is crucial to pushing your business forward. With a clear-cut meeting agenda, you will get everyone in your team on the same page and put your business in the best position to succeed. 

3. Change Video Background 

Distractions are the last thing you need during a meeting or presentation. Your child or pet could roam around when you least expect and disrupt the flow of a meeting or presentation. Good thing, you have the option to change your background. There are a variety of backgrounds for you to choose from. If you cannot decide, we would highly suggest blurring your background.  

4. Mute & Control Sound 

Just like your background, you can also control the volume of your mic to minimize distractions and ensure the smooth flow of the presentation. Depending on the situation, you can mute or adjust the volume of your mic prior to the scheduled meeting. That way, everyone can hear you while you are talking or allow someone else to speak when it is their turn.  

5. Use Apps to Simplify Work 

One of the best features of Microsoft Teams is its growing library apps. From creating polls to collaborating with your team using OneNote, you can find many ways to work smarter. On top of that, all the apps are categorized accordingly, so you can choose what works best for you.  


In Summary 

Microsoft Teams is one of the most fast-emerging online communication platforms that anyone can use. Businesses from all over the world can leverage it to its fullest extent by scheduling calls in one place, creating a meeting agenda, changing their video background, controlling the sound of their mic, and using a variety of applications to simplify work. Good luck and enjoy using Microsoft Teams!

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