Business Grade Voice Carriage

Businesses need professional and reliable services.

Always connected

We understand that as your business evolves, so too must the technology that keeps you connected.

National and International

Paxitel provides voice carriage for Australia and globally. with Voice carriage almost anywhere in the world.


Ensure productivity and prioritise growth with connectivity that supports your collaboration, file transfers, voice and video calls.

Paxitel Voice Core Advance Features

a successful business telecommunication journey starts with great strategy

PAYG & Capped SIP trunk plans

Paxitel SIP trunk plans are available to businesses and enterprises of all sizes across Australia. Pay-As-You-Go planes where you pay per call and capped SIP trunk plans where you pay for included calls in a capped charge.

Our customers get the best outcome

We utilise the best tools for the job. We use various SBCs and software to bring together a high end outcome for our customers.

We are specialists

Paxitel focusses on our strengths. We provide platforms and services for these strengths and use the best providers and partners within their areas of specialty, including network access, infrastructure hosting, datacentre connectivity, internet access. This allows us to provide the highest level of service.

NFP / Charity pricing

Are you a Not-For-Profit or Charity? We provide custom pricing for not-for-profit companies and charities within Australia.


Connectivity to your business almost anywhere with the most efficient, low latency options available.

Consistency is key

Provide a consistent, quality experience with Paxitel Voice Carriage services helping you better connect with your staff and customers.

reThink the Business SIP Trunk

With VoIP, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx services, The Business SIP Trunk remains important to ensure VoIP, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx and any remote worker can connect with customers and via the PSTN when needed.