All-In-One Mobile Solution for Businesses

BYO Business plans, Value and Fleet management

Multiple Carriers

Paxitel has partnerships with multiple providers allowing for Mobile fleets to have the majority of their fleet on one carrier and only those that need a different carrier for coverage to be on another.

Self-Service fleet Management

Paxitel is continuously updating its portals to include new functions and features to make your job easier.

Data sharing plans

Paxitel offers plans with value in data sharing and plans for value in price. Data only plans also allow for IoT, tablets and PCs to be connected.

Your Journey

in three steps, together we take your Mobile fleet to a new level

Step 1: License

Bring Your existing services

We onboard ahead of time your existing services and any new services. We provide you the SIM cards for internal distribution, or we can arrange for delivery/postage if needed. 

Step 2: Cloud Readiness

Prepare your users

Paxitel provides a web portal for your users to access with their mobile device and their new SIM. The Self-activation and number porting process is easy.

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Step 3: Carrier Connect

Paxitel Connected

Once connected and activated your users can be managed via our portal with the ability to make moves, adds and changes to individual plans.

Paxitel Business Mobile Features

a successful business telecommunication journey starts with great strategy

Coverage is everything

You will be aware that with any fleet you are restricted by the carrier. You either have the choice of coverage, or value.

No longer...

Self-service activations

Paxitel have developed their own self-service portal providing the ability to self-activate mobile services providing convienience and a smoother onboarding experience.

Data Only Plans

Today IoT is becoming more widely used in many devices. Small and large data plans are required for the different use cases.
Our data-only plans deliver flexibility in all cases.

Plans for all

Paxitel offers the business plans that provide your team with the calling, access and data allowance they need for their role and requirements.

Fleet Management

Fleet management should be easy. With each version of our Mobile fleet Management portal we are providing everything you need.

Competitive Business Mobile Plans

No longer are you controlled by either data pooling or mobile coverage.
You can have all your fleet with one service provider and take advantage of either.