Paxitel Cloud Phone (PCP)

For businesses needing a reliable cloud phone system and smart features of UCaaS solution, Paxitel offers a Cloud Phone System (Cloud PBX).

Use Everywhere

You can use a modern handset anywhere there is an internet connection. Paxitel can provide your business phone numbers or provide new numbers for your retail stores, offices, factories, small and large businesses, remote workers and many more situations.

ZTP - zero touch provisioning

We provide plug and play handset connectivity for our supported handsets. This provides no IT requirements or site visits to set up your PCP enabled sites.

99.995% uptime

Paxitel is Always On, Always Connected. We use Microsoft Azure for our services ensuring the most robust uptime.

How it works?

in three steps, together we take your team to a new Business phone system experience with PCP.

Step 1: number

Port your existing numbers or buy new ones

You can bring your existing business phone numbers or we can provide new numbers. 

Step 2: Cloud Readiness

Enabling your tenant

We create a PCP tenancy for your business and configure everything you need. We prepare your handsets for Zero Touch provisioning and arrange for delivery of handsets.

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Step 3: Carrier Connect

Paxitel Voice

Paxitel connects you to the world via premium business-grade services across Australia, New Zealand and the world

Benefits of using Paxitel Cloud Phone (PCP)

a reliable phone system for your business needs

End to end

We work with you to handle everything. Paxitel provides end to end assistance for your IP Telephony needs.

Voicemail included

Voicemail is provided with message waiting indication on the handset and if preferred also with email notifications so you can listen to your voicemail from your mobile device or PC.

Work Anywhere

Paxitel Cloud Phone allows you to work from anywhere and forward your phone numbers to any other number at any time.

Better Return on Investment

This is a low touch, low cost phone system that just works. High quality calls across your internet connection.

Operation cost

With any phone system there is often an initial outlay of capital expenditure. We are able to provide an operating cost model to suit your business.

Managed solution

Paxitel provides full management of your phone system with one number to call for any support required. From adds, moves and changes to new sites.

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Where would I use PCP?

Many sites have one phone system. PCP stands out where you have multiple handsets across multiple locations. As long as you have an internet connection, PCP provides a single phone system for all your business requirements.

Retail – multiple stores or sites with one or more handsets.
Main lines, receptionists, offices and meeting rooms.

Hunt Groups, IVRs, voicemail, Intercom, Paging, Music on hold, messages on hold.

Factories/Warehouses – when you need phones around the factory or warehouse and have these connected to the same phone system as your offices and stores at other locations.

Extensions and local numbers

Extensions create a flexible structure that links employees at local and satellite offices, wherever they are. Edit, add or remove extensions anytime.

Establish a local presence by choosing local numbers. Direct customer calls to a single number, assign additional numbers to call queues and users and take advantage of all the features that a cloud-based business phone system has to offer.

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and more...

A cloud-hosted PBX
A central phone solution with administration anywhere, call management, business phone features.

use greetings to increase brand awareness and your company image.

Multi-level IVR
Auto-attendant with flexible menu options to connect your customers to your staff.

Music/messages on hold
Keep callers entertained and informed with music and messages while they’re on hold.

Multi-site management
manages and support your branch offices based on their unique operational needs.
Caller ID
Paxitel Cloud Phone gives you the flexibility to manage both your incoming and outgoing caller IDs. You can also choose to displays your business name when making calls.

Additional features

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