Global Wholesale SIP,
Teams Direct Routing
& Call Termination

Paxitel Wholesale options to allow MSPs and ITSPs to focus on their core strengths

MSPs and ITSPs look no further

Paxitel has created the services just for you. We recognised the needs of MSPs, from uptime, price, capability, service and support.
We do this , because we were in your shoes and saw the need.

More reliability than the big providers

Our network was designed and built with the requirements of modern MSP uptime in mind. Trust in our robust and highly available telecommunications network.
99.99% uptime

High Capacity

Paxitel's provide a high capacity, high volume services allow you to have a defined qty of SIP channels and then add on elastic

Wholesale Partner Benefits

Paxitel combines the power of high-end telecommunications with the simplicity of self service.


If Paxitel provides services to your network and you handle everything from that point forward to your customers, then yes.

Paxitel is an CSP (Communications Service Provider) that has relationships and has focused on the best architecture that required little maintenance and therefore less overheads.

Paxitel is a registered CSP (Communications Service Provider). We are obligated to ensure compliance, data retention, regulatory guidelines are adhered to.

Yes, Paxitel can provide Teams Direct Routing for your customers and you can make margin on these services.