Inbound Numbers (13/1300/1800)

Toll free inbound services for Australia, New Zealand and Global.

Our Self Service Portal

Our Portal puts the control and reporting in your hands. Advanced reporting, heat maps, call orgin maps and data and providing an easy to use to change anything on the fly!

Reliable Infrastructure

Trust in our robust and highly available telecommunications network.
99.99% uptime

Advanced Features

Included with all our services are the advanced features and functionality you see below!

Self-service Portal

Paxitel combines the power of high-end telecommunications with the simplicity of self service.
We support all your business needs with our service — look at all the inclusions!
from toll-free phone numbers, to voicemail and IVR, to call routing and much more.

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Dynamic Realtime Reporting

Session Based Web Tracking by analysing information about website visitors who call using our advanced algorithms.

Email Tracking – Track the calls and conversions generated from EDM campaigns.

Off-Site & Online Tracking – Use dedicated phone numbers to attribute calls to each unique marketing campaign.

Attribution-Based Call Routing – Direct callers to the correct agent with automatic routing based on the number dialed.

Geographic Number Display – Appear local by using dynamic regional phone numbers based on caller location.

Dynamic Inbound Numbers

Understand What Drives Calls. Know exactly which activities are making the phone ring and discover the source of every call.

Link Marketing with Revenue. Guesswork is too expensive. See how each marketing campaign generates calls using real-time data.

Optimise Effort and Results. Once you know what’s working you can adjust your marketing programs and spend to deliver better results.


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International Inbound Numbers

Paxitel can provide Toll Free numbers for many countries and regions. Have calls routed back to a central number, or anywhere in the world.