Video conferencing systems for small, medium, and large rooms preconfigured for Microsoft Teams® Rooms on Windows®.

Everything you need

From small spaces to large training rooms. Licensing, hardware, installation, configuration, management.

Enable your workplace

Paxitel will ensure that all rooms are simple to use and can provide the integration into Microsoft Teams.

Paxitel Managed Room

Ensure your room and meeting spaces have your technology is available when needed and running optimally.


Paxitel Room Solutions for Microsoft Teams include everything you need for video meetings, available in small, medium, and large configurations. These pre-configured systems include a mini PC, either inbuilt camera with zoom or PTZ camera, PC mount with cable retention, and touch screen Console.

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Enable your workplace for great meeting experiences

Today’s meetings are often remote or using screen sharing, whiteboarding, presentations or more. Allow your team to use the tools they meeting to ensure a great meeting experience your customers, vendors and staff. Your meeting rooms and spaces can be converted into a modern collaboration space.

Microsoft Teams Rooms vs Microsoft Collaboration Bars

Paxitel can provide you the information and pricing you need to make informed decisions about the right technology for your meeting rooms and meeting spaces. It is important to ensure these spaces are utilised where meetings are more commonly remote. We are able to focus on the right technology at the right budget.


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